Shipping & Returns Policy

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Shipping & Delivery Policy

Since We provide Books in a Digital format (PDF), Once you'll complete your purchase, a Thank you page will appear contains your order details as well as a Download Button to get your eBook, Therefore you won't have to wait, Also a confirmation email will be sent to you which includes the invoice and the eBook itself.

By using our Website to buy your desired eBooks you won't have to wait for your eBook it will be delivered immediately once your order is completed.

Return & Exchange Policy

We do not accept returns & exchanges unless your eBook is not as described, We're not responsible if you didn't read the Delivery policy, We don't sell Physical books so there will be no shipping, However, you'll have to provide the address details to complete your purchase.

Please contact us or you can chat with us online if you're not sure about something before placing your order because then we won't be responsible for it.